Tuesday, 28 February 2006


Hello Everybody! Get ready for a marathon mail! This is Nargis- the latest entrant into ‘Da Vinci Club’- Hey, that’s not a bad name, sounds quite artistic and from the postings that I read, everyone does appear to be quite a creative lot. All thanks to Vincents Convent and the Saints therein (Sis. Rosaline, Sis. Josephine, Miss Mary, Miss Shameem). First of all kudos to who else but ‘Only Vimal’ for revealing to us that technology can not only take us a step forward but also help in replaying deep rooted memories- thus merging the nostalgic green past with the delightfully gray haired present. Whenever I saw my kids jogging their brains with their friends in a Bloggers park, or visiting their school websites, how I secretly wished we guys could have indulged in such enjoyment during our times. Fortunately Vimal has succeeded in bridging that gap by bringing us fumble-loggers together.
For the intro- I am Stanley’s classmate and his Enemy No1 (title inspired by Bollywood). I call Stan my rival because of his effortless ways to always beat me in class (academically). As if that was not enough he carried it forward and went and published a book much ahead of me (Quiz book or whatever, I’ll never forgive him for that:-( By the way Stan, what news- still on a walk with the Penguins in the North Pole or what?) I also am Faiyaz and Nigar’s sis and recognize almost all of you by names. Faiyaz of course is in the club but Nigar is too busy slogging as ‘The Mother’. So I dont know if she has time for blogging. Henry and Sarita are the only ones I’ve met in the recent past (the meeting with Henry being an anecdotal one which I’ll post sometime later). Sarita literally faded away into oblivion after one telephonic conversation- get techno Sarita, if not try seeking advice from the compu savvy kids of today(that’s what I did for my blog). Alpana and Ashu, I met their mom when she was in Mumbai and got to know about their wherabouts- brough back instant memories of the Fight Club(oops sorry)Rummy Club. Louis and Julian I don’t remember much but Mary I do. Sheila, whose vanity has not withered even with age, (as mouthed by her, not me:-), of course I remember. Joseph I do not recall but I do recollect Verghese who also was my classmate. But what I cannot digest though is the 'Doctor' Verghese bit. How time flies- weaving into its scaffold Doctors, Homemakers, Professors, Writers, Photographers and even Buddhas (those who attained Nirvana), each separated by geography yet all bound by a common thread- St. Vincents Convent!
Now a little bit about the life and times of Narcissus( that’s the literal translation of my name). After leaving Stan in the lurch as the lone crusader in SVC to battle with Senior Cambridge, I completed mine in Bhubaneswar’s St. Joseph’s convent. Then did my English Honours (the ‘H’pronounced as in ‘Hot’- gives more emphasis). Then got married to a wonderful someone who gave me two beautiful kids and an exotic title. So now I have a grown up son Roshan (who after completing his engineering in BITS Pilani is currently working in Pune with Kanbay), a daughter Rumana (who completed her course from NIFT Delhi and is a fashion designer working with Pantaloons in Mumbai) and an eight year old Golden Retriever called Champagne, who retrieves just about anything except gold.
However Ripley it may sound I am also trying out all the genres of writing. Already have a published book to my credit (a biography on my father), completed my second manuscript (a romantic fiction) and writing my third (a children’s book). I also write regularly for Irastimes.org (an e-magazine), the Mumbai Mirror and the DNA and after fumbling and stumbling, managed to create a blog of my own. According to my son- 'Mummy is world famous in India':-) I’m also known as Nargis Natarajan, the exotic(sometimes spelt secular) title I spoke about . My wonderful husband Shanker Natarajan works as a Financial Advisor and Chief Accounts Officer in the Western Railway and after having had an eclectic Bharat Darshan and a five year stint at KL, Malaysia, at present we are posted in Mumbai. Better stop before I get an overdose of Vit ‘I’ in my diet. So all you fumbloggers, stop fumbling and start blogging. If I can do it, anyone can!

"Pan" Pizza !

Sarita -
The intellingent one, as I often called her.....
What's the secret of your Intelligence, I was once asked her.
To which she replied
"Khai key paan Banaras wala, Khul Jaaey bandh akal ka taala"

Where art thou, Sarita?
Knowing that you are crazy about Pizza, there's some news that
I want to share with you and the "Pan" Lovers....
Just in case you aren't aware....There's "Pan"Pizza available !

Alps !

Out of Swiss, French, Italian and the Indian Alps that I had the pleasure to witness.I must admit that fond memories of the Indian Alps (Alpana!) lingers on.......

Sunday, 26 February 2006


hi friends am just back fr blore where i met stan, louis and of course the elusive joe elusive cause i could not remember him. no this is not alzheimer calling but he was with me 4 only 2-3 months anyway he was nice enuf 2 drop me 2 the station and we did a lot of talking(me talking and he listening!) a few comments on the prev blogs shiela i have sent u comments on the blog and i would like 2 stress again that is india is turning into planet xy with us xxs being a seen now but fast disappearing species guys i am so proud that we as a batch have a lot of lovely daughters as i was telling stan a lot of what i am today is because of 2 wonderful women and 2 equally won men the women r my gmother who was a feminist without knowing it, 2 a lesser deg my mother and most imp sr roseline and the men r my father who gave us unconditional love though we were 2 girls and now my husband who does the same -stan and louis can vouch 4 it i am q a nut now. what i want u all 2 know is that pl dont encourage anyone in ur family, friends 2 abort girls if u know anyone wants to do it protest vocifero as otherwise we will have a horren scenerio as 4 faiyaz i used2 b in and out of their house q often eating hjs mothers del biryanis so i do remem u all in fact i spoke 2 ur mother just the other day sarita needs lessons 2 become computer savvy (stan get on with ur updates 2) so we will have 2 wait 4 her posts and guys if i have seemed heartless u need not burden me with the moniker alps now all my heartlessness was unintentional i now rear strays who sleep in my bed also so u can imagine the ice maiden has thawed

Me and my hobby!

Hi Friends
I must share this with you... While I have been taking photographs right from my SVC days, I never participated in any competitions. It was only a few months back that I became a member of the Photographic Society of India at Mumbai and just last Friday this image of mine (Taken at Bordi in Maharashtra) got me a second prize in our monthly club competition.
I am really excited and it feels great to share this with you! Still a long way to go when it comes to winning a first prize in the seniors category. Hope to make it some day! Will keep you posted.
Tons of love

Saturday, 25 February 2006

Hi Everybody..

Yo !!! man ! Stan 's sure getting nostalgic, I am a li'l bit mused as he mentioned "Romantic lot", big brother , Is that what you were upto alone in a class, Senior Cambridge"?While we were taught moral science by sister Anne Mary. Great !!!! I am definitely going to send this blog to sister Roseline, incidentally I have her address. No wonder you guys remember Shakespeare and Wordsworth, My Fair Lady etc very well, while our batch was more morally philosophical. ha ha !! hey Ashu am I right?

Well, I have one wife , Sangeeta, two lovely daughters, Jessica 13, and Sherene 10 , (nicknamed Ashu (Aashnah) and Ishi).My elder one is nicknamed after my enemy number one of yesteryears, Ashu ,Isn't it Alpana? God alone knows for what we fought,could be because of Balarama ,the feminist guy in our class , who always told me & Paul " Don't touch me".I can see Ashu laughing now, while those days her face used to go red.
From nursery to graduation I was in Bam,and then I moved out.Bibhu, Ashok and self were the inseperable trio in Bam.
Very unfortunate for us and especially me, Bibhu left us last year on 2nd Dec. We three were like each other's shadow,cycling, biking away to Gopalpur,we ate, drank, fought, stood by each other' side throughout.We played some role in each other's love life too.He came to all those places were I was posted , and so did I.The last few years work took us away from each other and that was the last . I miss him. May His Soul Rest in Peace.Bye for now.


Hi Everybody,

St.Vincents taught we the students of yester year - ABCD....as opposed to the children of today glued to their TV's watching KBCD - Kaun Banega Crorepati Dwitiya
This is Faiyaz who along with my sisters Nargis and Nigar spent quite a number of years at St.Vincent's. It was indeed wonderful to go through comments posted therein. Vimal truly deserves a pat ! Apparently names posted are familiar and I happen to know practically every one.Now that I have just managed to register, will constantly be in touch.

Regards, Faiyaz.

Thursday, 23 February 2006

Msg from Stan.

Great meeting Alpana --and we managed to share a lot of memories --and of course, there was hazaar confusion about who really liked whom during our schooldays --we all seemed to be a crazy romantic lot back then.. Henry also rang in from Sharjah.Spoke with Joe -- he had his priorities right --he wanted to meet Alpana straightaway, and he said he will meet me later.I also had a nice chat with Sarita.Now that you've begun a nostalgia wave for St Vincents, its time we seriously planned for the first big reunion at BAM, as suggested by Louis. The local guys out in BAM can do the block booking of some nice guest house in Gopalpur-on-sea --and then we can all have a holiday blast, plus soak in a sea of nostalgic memories.......... How about suggestions --is Sept a good time or December last week?
098452 01919

PS: Stan is having some problem posting this message (Stan, you must be getting old!!) so I am doing it on his behalf - Vimal

Msg 3 from Louis

Well !! This is Louis . Stanley, Mary Henry's kid bro, the youngest of the lot. It was a pleasant surprise when Vimal called me one September afternoon, and the following day his sis Hema, my classmate called up, wow !!! 25 years !!!! later !! Hmmmm!!! Echo the hindi film dialgoue, 'pachcheesh saal baaad !!! sab bhool jaogey '. Nope , it was like yesterday. I keep going to Bam once a year to meet all my classmates, Ashok, Paul , Kuldeep, Paresh, ( Mrs Sharma's son), and I thought we were the only batch who were constanly in touch.but good others are in touch too.
Thanks to Hema we both exchanged all numbers, she of girls and me of guys. Today we all talk to each other very frequently , Hema, Ashok, Ashu, Reefat, Madhumita, Mridula, Kuldeep, Paul , Sujata, Jahanzeb ( Javed's kid sister)Great feeling isn't it ?A year back I was mentioning to Kuldeep and Ashok to start the Alumni in SVC with the help form all OLD Vincentians,they have already done the ground work by taking permission from the school's present Princy. They had gathered all info to start a Website, which will soon be up.Inputs please .

But VIMAL you made it , and rightly the brand is called " ONLY VIMAL".Let us all meet up in September 06, in Gopalpur , and form the Alumni, get - together and as Alpana mentioned Felicitate Sr. Roseline and of course give a medal to our own Vimal. Let me tempt you guys, the get-together will be on the beach, with a DJ. I am serious, let us all plan and implement.Chiao

Wednesday, 22 February 2006

Msg 2 from Louis

Eureka !!! Alps has unbloged my block. I now know how to post.Hold on guys !! This is Louis , wait on till my next post, as I am going to undress all the skeletons. Alps has already been taken aback, when I did so for Stanley.Stan does not know whether to blush or kick me with his wife beside him . Alpana now knows , ( Rather surprised) he is a CAT n' not the mouse she thought him to be when she was in school.bye for now
Take care.

Msg 1 from Louis

hey guys guess what i m in blore and we r having a ball. stan louis and me and they r telling me all kinds of stories . we met only bcase of vimal so guys we will give him a medal we should gt tog and will have a gala time i want 2 meet sr roseline also. st vin seems like yesterday though we dont look like school kids anymore we were a real cool bunch and it was a real amalgam of brains and personalities a lot of water has flown under the bridge . i plan 2 meet joe though i dont remember him.

Tuesday, 21 February 2006

This is my family

dear friends this is my family hubby jayant my protesting dotter gayatri and me was finally sucessful with the help of a friends dotter

Hi everybody

hi everybody this is soooo good it feels like a combo of icecream chocolate and all kinds of good things it gives me goose flesh . i am totally excited and probably incoherent with the excitement . and hey joe maharashtra is a part of our grt land and i am not an ET. so can we speak in my language which is amchi marathi and meet in amchi mumbai or amchi any place else. pl shed ur brown sahib airs i am coming 2 blore tomorrow and we can meet my mobile is 9372141380. i am trying hard 2 post my photo but am stuck somewhere in the horrid user unfriendly steps alpn

Sunday, 19 February 2006

Remember Javed and Debasish?

Guess what? I just spoke to Javed and have sent him an invite to our Blog. By the way, how many of you remember Javed Iqbal? He is currently at Aligarh and teaches at AMU.
More later. Take care folks!

PS: Have also sent an invite to Debabasish Panda. Remember him?? He is currently in Delhi and at AIIMS.

Guess Who!!

Guess who is this!! He gave me Stanley's contact number and I met him during my last trip to Berhampur. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, 18 February 2006


Hi there,,,,this is Ashu,,,,for the elderly lot there,,,,appus kid sister!!!!!though now,,,its she who looks like my younger sis!!!!
i am in bhopal,,,married to milind who is a capt in the merchant navy,,,,,,,,,,got two boyz,,,nearly 16 and 12,,,,,both at a borading school---DALY COLLEGE,,,,at indore,,,,,,,,and as stanley gave a wonderful word-in a a state of nirvana!!!quite opposite to appu,,,,and v v laid back!!!!though have got wheels on my feet and have really globe trotted!!!!!
well,,,my new year started on a wonderful note,,,,getting a call from my childhood enemy no 1-----thats stanleys kid bro----Louis,,,,,we both fought in the 5th std!!!!never ever talked to each other after that!!!!and still r abs clueless as to WHY WE FOUGHT!!!!!!!anyway,,,,,,now that we have both matured,,,have buried the hatchet and r in touch
also caught up with most of my class-mates,,,and all thanks to ----VIMAL,,,,,he has really recreated the magic,,,,as all of us have woken up to the old times,,,,the best yrs of our life!
hey,,,lets all get together again at ---where else,,,but bam??????
hope to see some postings from my classmates too!!!!ashu

Friday, 17 February 2006

Back from Raipur

Hi Folks,
We just got back from Raipur. Went there to attend my kid bro's (First cousin - Rajiv) wedding.
A few days back I was going through my old autograph book and was reading what each on of you had written. One day I will photograph individual pages and post them out here!
Remember Sushma Das? I spoke to her some time back (Sarita, I must thank you for giving me her contact number). It was nice talking to her after a gap of 30 years!! She is in Aska these days but plans to move over to Pondicherry in a year's time or so.
More later. Keep in touch!

Joe: Where you able to meet Stan?

Thursday, 9 February 2006

Happy Birthday - Alpana

Hi, to all of you who have managed to get into this thing called blogging - I am still trying to get a hang of it - thanks to our great friend Vimly - (as I often called him) I think we all owe him big time for taking the initiative to do this massive job of bringing us all together--
I am Sheila - how can anyone not remember this vain and very proud( as I was often reminded)obnoxious?? me - fortunately I haven't changed much - do we ever?
I left Bam in '85 - have been back a few times for short visits as some of my family still lives there. I moved from Delhi( was in touch with some of you then esp Vim who married my then best friend!) to London then to the US in '92 , stayed a home bird for a while to raise my two adorable sons Gautam and Kunal now 12 and soon to be 10yrs - the best thing to ever happen to me .Its truly a joy to be blessed as their mother - my oldest is already at undergrad level and at the top of his class.( I am sorry you guys had to endure this maternal bragging - can't promise it won't happen again!!!)
I did my 3rd residency in peds in NewYork , before settling down in Atlanta - currently I split my time as Prof in Peds at Emory university(emergency dept-faculty) and private practice - I love doing what I do -I wish I could do what I do and not have to live in the US.
Hey Alpan - many happy returns of the day , by the time you get this it might be the 9th - but its still Feb here-( I am on my lunch break ) Are you surprised at all - its amazing how I remember even the small details - it feels like it was yesterday that Reena ,Sarita ,vimal and the rest of us were at your house - devouring your moms delicacies !
Wanted to ask you about something - there has been a lot of news headlines here regarding the more than million abortions conducted in India on Ultrasound detected female fetuses - and that there is a huge deficit in the female population in India and the future demographic projections -What do all of you have to say about it - am glad each of you seem to have girls!
Sarita - a belated happy birthday to you - could not blog on Dec31st - you have yet to tell us about yourself -- My sons often go thro' my cherished 'autograph' books that we used to indulge in - and ask about you all - they are in awe that their mom has mother Teresa's autograph - info they love to share with their friends - do any of you have your ol'ittybitty books?
I think it would be wonderful if we could all hook up to visit Bam sometime - as Stanely mentioned - keep in touch you all - tonnes of best wishes and fond memories
gigigoel@cs.com, 404-377-8454 home, 404-964-6777 cell,

Monday, 6 February 2006

Here's My Story !!

We are four brothers........Varghese......Abraham(Abe).....myself....&...Sebastian(Saby).
We all left BAM in the year 1971 or 1972...not sure..... when I was in std V or so.

Dr. Varghese....as he is known passed out from Burla...Now holding a Govt. Surgeon's position in Ernakulam (Kochi).

Abe is no more....he was a project manager and passed away when on one of his foreign jaunts in a distant land. Now resting in peace in my home-town cemetry( in Kochi).

Saby the youngest....joined the Indian Air Force..for a short stint....He was a FLT. Lt. handling missiles......Now a Senior Manager with Malayala Manorama a Kerala daily in a small town near kochi known as kottayam ( The Kumorokoan village back-waters fame ).

Dad ....when in BAM was a lecturer in Physics at Khallikote.... now retired left Orissa settled in Kochi ....now an old infirm man.

We used to stay at Thota street. Vincentian sisters are at B'lore too. Could meet Sr. Josephine .....probably taught me in Junior stds.....She leads a retired life....oldage home sort of life.

I have vague memories of atleast names. Shiela.....coz of my first b'day party (of my life ) I had attended at her house.....uninvited.......and a memorable one !. Stan...Henry...Julian......coz of a cricket match held......and happened to visit this ground near to their house ....as a cheer member for our school...and had cold refreshing water on that summer afternoon....Alpana......the fair studious girl ........an happened to speak a differerent langauge.....to me alien....probably mahastratian if I am not mistaken....and ofcourse dear Vimal.....who has stood the times....happened to keep in touch.........and all credit to him.

As I feel a little uneasy or embarassed to spell out these....as well as other memories.....as not sure if they were hallucinations.....or vague pictures ....difficult to associate or relate.........nevertheless remain cherished.

Would meet Stan soon........as I am away in Chennai now.

My email contact : joseph.chakyath@hp.com
Consultant with Hewlett-Packard - Bangalore.

Friday, 3 February 2006

Who is Joe??

Not many of you would remember Joseph. He was with me till class V or VI. They were staying in Bijipur. The lane opposite Sheila's old house. We have been in regular touch since then except for small breaks in between.

I wonder if you would remember his brothers (Throw some light Joe!!).

More later folks. Welcome Joe and keep in touch!


PS: Probably next time I will introduce you to another friend of mine who was with me in Std.II. Not many of you would remember that person. They have currently settled down in Mumbai.

Kanha gaaye wo din

Hey all,

Who..no..me ??? My memories being weak.........I dunno u people much.
Like being a lost KID now finding its roots.

Joseph Chakyath being my name ...left BAM when quite young.
My sojourn being with dad's tranferrable places in Orissa...then a brief stay at kerala
and a long stint in Mumbai...now trying to get a foothold in b'lore.
Working for a Software firm in b'lore.

Thanks to Vim...la revival....reunion....igniting.....a possible explosion of fond memories.



Thursday, 2 February 2006

Morning Glory

At times I also shoot flowers. Photography is just a hobby and I have totally gone digital. My prints are no more the conventional ones but inkjet.

I understand from Vishnu that he too shoots a lot. Any one else in our group who is interested in photography?


Trigger Happy!!

Hi Folks,

I have been shooting a lot (with my camera!) these days and would like to share this image with you that I took recently. While my passion is street photography and abstracts this is just trying my hand at wildlife.

I do have some old photographs of some of some of you which I plan to upload as and when I get them digitised. Would appreciate if you could send me some old images taken at SVC.